What is It?

The Mototrainer is a simulator developed by motorcycle technicians and experienced riders to train the people on their own bike. It is useful to train those muscles that can only be trained on the bike and trains the mind by memorizing braking points, corner entering, and change of direction.


Useful for:
- work out
- learn new circuits
- injury recovery
- better position on the bike (in safety)

Why is it unique?

The feature of the Mototrainer is to be able to reproduce faithfully the experience and emotion of fast riding on the bike.


Mototrainer is the first and only one simulator that uses a real bike leaning up to 50°.
The riders who tried it, understood it, enjoyed it and want it!
It also has the adjustable wheelbase, suitable for all sports bikes, and it is easy to move thanks it folds everything into a single box of reduced sizes.

To whom?

Expert Rider
The training will be physical, because the rider has to lean the bike up to 50 ° and it will also be mental because it is important to memorize the new tracks easily and practicality, or to better memorize those who already know.
Great during the winter and useful during the racing season.
The objective is to train the rider to improve his performance for a race and on the fast lap.
Riding School
Thanks to Mototrainer you can now teach in easier and faster way the correct riding position more effectively for the student and the instructor.
Manufacturers & Companies
With the Mototrainer, customers can experience the thrill of riding their new bike leaning up to 50 ° and touching the knee.
You will also be able to enjoy yourself from home with your own bike and go through all the world's Circuit. Distances and weather conditions will no longer be a problem.

What is it include?

The feature of the Mototrainer is that you can use your bike, load it on the patented mechanism, secure it by brackets that block to the wheel pin and choose your favorite onboard camera.
You can access all the world's circuits.
You can train and lean up to 50 ° with your bike and touch the knee.
You can decide to watch the video with a 3D viewer, TV, or projector.
Installing and uninstalling the Mototrainer is very easy and fast.
The kit includes:
- The side tables with curb graphics
- The structure where the motorcycle is installed
The Mototrainer has the adjustable wheelbase, suitable for all sports bikes.
When MotoTrainer is open, the area is 240x240cm;
When it is closed to be transported, it becomes a cube of 126x100x94cm.
Total weight:
about 200kg, easy to move thanks to its wheels.




Shipping Box

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